Our Mission

Overcoming Barriers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to promote children’s healthy relationships with their parents where a child is at risk of losing a relationship with a parent.

Our Vision

To create a sustainable organization which develops and provides:

  • Effective and accessible family-centered programs, professional development and training utilizing research based approaches
  • Education to advance the field of knowledge
  • Awareness of innovative approaches for these families

Programs & Trainings

Courtesy of Common Ground Center

Overcoming Barriers will offer two unique training programs in 2014 and continues to host family programs.  For more detail please visit the program pages.

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Overcoming Barriers partnered with Common Ground Center to run programs in Vermont beginning in 2008.  With the support of Common Ground Center’s wealth of knowledge about family programs and key staff participation, Overcoming Barriers expanded to California in 2012.  Professional trainings and family programs run in an expanding number of locations.  The high quality and unique nature of Overcoming Barriers’ programs for entrenched families attract families from all across the United States and Canada.

Please find specific information about current program offerings in the program section and consider making a donation to Overcoming Barriers to support the continued development and increased accessibility of our family-centered programs for families in conflict.