Northern California Reception & Fundraiser Event

Setting up at Sharon Heights

February 28, 2013: Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club in Menlo Park, CA

This will be an opportunity for family law and mental health professionals to learn about OCB programs, outcomes, intake and other details. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served and Dr. Matthew Sullivan will give a presentation.

Update 3/10/13:

Thank you event sponsors and volunteers for making this event a great success! Event host, Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club, was very generous with us, giving us a great deal on this elegant venue, food and drink (see photos).

Event in full swing

Dr. Sullivan gave a presentation about OCB programs, after which, guests had an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the organization in detail with board members and program staff who were also in attendance.

Since expanding to Northern California in 2012 OCB programs have been gaining momentum. As we have worked to expand program availability in California interest continues to grow across the country and Canada.

The Family Court Community in the San Francisco Bay Area has been extremely supportive of Overcoming Barriers from the start and we couldn’t be successful without your support!


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