2013 Family Camp Wrap-Up

Water Balloons Before

The 2013 Overcoming Barriers Family Camp has come to a close. We wish to acknowledge the families that attended the program and the challenges they overcame in Vermont. It was HOT during camp in Vermont! Family Camp, with the help of some water balloons (see photos), provided opportunities for families to create positive connections. As always, Common Ground Center provided comfortable accommodation, marvelous food and the wonderful staff that provide such a positive and supportive camp environment. We were so impressed with the work of participating families, especially the kids. What an amazing group with so many gifts and talents to share. Thanks to everyone and keep up the good work!


Overcoming Barriers is grateful to the many returning staff that traveled to Vermont to support participating families at camp. This program was staffed by leading experts in the field of high-conflict divorce. Thank you to Dr.’s Peggie Ward, Barbara Fidler, Abigail Judge and Matt Sullivan for all your thoughtful work.

Water Balloons After

The 2013 Professional Training Program ran in conjunction with Family Camp and exceeded all expectations! The group of trainees contributed mightily to the positive environment at camp. During their time at camp trainees had unique access to the clinical team at work and had the opportunity to observe all the components of camp. Trainees were led by Dr. Robin Deutsch, one of the Camp’s original founders, giving trainees unparalleled insight into the details of each program component. We look forward to collaborating with this thoughtful and immensely experienced group of clinicians in planning future programs for families in high-conflict.

Overcoming Barriers is aware that there was not enough space at Family Camp to accommodate all the families who may have benefited from the program. We are currently working on details for future programs with the goal of increasing our capacity to meet the needs of families. Please consider supporting our organization at this critical juncture and help ensure these programs continue to thrive.


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