Reduced Tuition Application

Update June 26: Camp is at full capacity, consider Family Camp scheduled for October in Arizona

Reduced Tuition for Family Camp in Vermont РOvercoming Barriers is working to make programs more accessible to families.

Applications for reduced tuition must be received by June 10, 2014. Overcoming Barriers will offer reduced tuition to families based on their individual need and the available resources of Overcoming Barriers.

Reduced tuition 2014 Camp application including auxiliary documents:

  1. Declaration by Dr. Peggie Ward, 2014 Clinical Director for Family Camp, explaining details of the program (pages 4-5)
  2. Sample court order identifying the critical elements to be included in an agreement for participation in the program (pages 6-7)
  3. Application to be filled out by parent (pages 8-11)
  4. Intake agreement to be read, signed, and included with the submission of the application (page 12)


Reduced tuition applications should be working on a court order or have an agreement of both parents to attend the program in Vermont, July 14-18, 2014.

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