Arizona Reception

The Arizona Fund- and Aware-ness Raising Event 

A fun and educational success!

Thank you Sponsors!

Annette T. Burns, Esq.

Flicker, Kerin, Kruger & Bissada – Family Law

Professionals from the AZ Family Law Community came out to learn more about the OCB Approach and our upcoming Family Camp in AZ.

Overlooking the Phoenix horizon at sunset the AZ Team of Jack Moran, PhD; Michael Liebman, LPC; Judy Lewis-Thome, parenting educator; and camp director Jodi Woodnick provided a lovely, entertaining evening.

Our special guest was a mom whose family participated in the first OCB Family Camp in 2008.  She said, “Six years later, I believe I now have a relationship with my children because of Overcoming Barriers.”

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