Announcing Book from Oxford Detailing the OCB Approach

Family-Based Interventions For Children’s Resistance, Rejection and Alienation:

Overcoming Barriers and other Clinical Approaches

Edited by Drs. Abigail Judge & Robin Deutsch

This edited volume is intended for clinicians, legal professionals and other members of the family law community.

Chapters will first provide an overview of the current status of outpatient treatment for families in high conflict where children are at risk of losing a relationship with one parent. Then, the book will describe the OCB Approach as one example of a promising family-based intervention where dynamics of estrangement, rejection and alienation are present. Chapters on OCB include evaluation data, possible applications of the OCB approach beyond the camp setting and proposed directions for future research and practice.

Contributors to the book will include OCB Founders, Drs. Robin DeutschMatt Sullivan and Peggie Ward; respected author Dr. Barbara FidlerDr. Rebecca Bailey of Transitioning Families, Dr. Michael Saini of the University of Toronto; Dr. Abigail Judge of Harvard Medical School; and commentary by Professor Nicolas Bala, Dr. Janet Johnston, and Dr. Leslie Drozd.

The book is under contract with Oxford University Press and its anticipated publication date is early 2016.

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