Overcoming Barriers at AFCC-AZ & CA

Overcoming Barriers was well represented at AFCC – California and Arizona.

At the Association of Family Court Professionals California conference in February OCB Board members, Drs. Robin Deutsch and John Moran, as well as Board President Hon. Marjorie Slabach (ret.), and Dr. Matthew Sullivan, member of the Overcoming Barriers Advisory Council, presented a symposium on Practical Applications of Intensive Interventions for Children Who Resist/Refuse Contact with a Parent for Family Court Professionals.

If you missed the presentation it is available as a CD or Mp3. Visit the AFCC-CA website for more information.

Dr. John “Jack” Moran then hopped on a plane to attend and present at the AzAFCC conference in Sedona. Dr. Moran, a new Board member, joined Overcoming Barriers after attending the Immersion Training in 2013 where he became interested in the components of the OCB Approach. He is the Clinical Director for the Arizona Family Camp scheduled in April.

Click here to see the book on Amazon

Click here to see the book on Amazon

The AFCC conferences also hosted the release of the new OCB publication for parents and professionals (for purchase on Amazon).  A big “thank you” to Unhooked Books and the AFCC Bookstore for selling out all 100 advanced copies.

See future updates for more information on Overcoming Barriers at AFCC National in New Orleans and OCB resources including our new publication and online trainings.

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