San Francisco Judge’s Reception

This event was an opportunity for Bay Area judicial officers to learn about Overcoming Barriers’ slate of programs, serving families directly with family camps and written resources, while also evaluating programs and providing professional training and other resources to the family court community.

Delancey Street, overlooking the Embarcadero and Bay Bridge

Delancey Street, overlooking the Embarcadero and Bay Bridge

Thanks to our hosts, Honorable Nancy Davis, Honorable Donna Hitchens, and the Delancey Street Foundation which overlooks the Embarcadero and Bay Bridge in San Francisco.

Overcoming Barriers’ Impact

Dr. Matthew Sullivan, of the OCB Advisory Council, presented on the unique value of the Overcoming Barriers Approach for families struggling with divorce.

There exists a large gap within the existing range of interventions available to families with children struggling in divorce, between outpatient therapy and a complete reversal of custody in favor of a resisted parent. While high-conflict families often do not see parent-child relationships improve with isolated therapy sessions, it is extreme and rare for courts to order a complete reversal of custody. OCB programs bridge this gap by providing strategic intensive interventions for all members of the family, with the goals of developing and practicing co-parenting strategies, both empowering and holding all members of the family accountable.


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