Education and Training

Training and educating professionals has become a central focus for Overcoming Barriers since 2012.  Our capacity for providing family programs does not meet the need that exists around the country.  Overcoming Barriers trainings and outreach events are designed to enhance the quality and availability of intensive family programs and support for families in high-conflict by doing the following:

  • Give experienced clinicians the tools and resources to host their own family programs

Participants from our first Immersion Training in 2013 returned to the Vermont Camp to do clinical work in 2014.  One of the “trainee pods” from 2013 is hosted a Family Camp in Arizona in 2015 with the support of Overcoming Barriers. 

  • Educate family law professionals on best practices for referring families to an intensive program and best practices for aftercare once a family has participated in an intensive program

Overcoming Barriers hosts awareness building events where family law professionals can network with each other and learn about the OCB Approach. To date events have taken place in Boston, California, New York and Arizona. Our Judges Only event in San Francisco in 2015 provided over 80 judges with information about Overcoming Barriers. (see Boston Reception and San Francisco Reception posts)

  • Build awareness of the challenges that face high-conflict families during divorce 

Overcoming Barriers founders, staff and increasing network of collaborating family court professionals present at conferences and events including AFCC, AAML and local family law bar associations 

Please let us know if you would like someone from Overcoming Barriers to speak to a gathering of professionals in your area.

Immersion Trainings

Family Camp

Spring & Summer 2016 – online and on location in Vermont

Web-based seminar and High-Conflict Family Camp program immersion. Learn about all the components of Family Camp and then see them first hand in Vermont. This training has immense value both in the subject matter and the opportunity to network with OCB clinicians and other trainees.

Find more detail on the Family Camp Immersion Training Page (click here).

Family Intensive Intervention was completed in December 2015

For clinicians working with post-separation problems where children resist contact with a parent.

December 3 & 4, 2015: Dex Media Hotel and Conference Center (Conveniently located on the grounds of the Dallas, Texas airport)

Follow a family role-play throughout two days of an intensive family intervention with real time guiding narrative provided by the training director. This 25 hour immersion training offers an exciting and innovative training experience lead by Drs. Robin M. Deutsch, Barbara Jo Fidler, and Peggie Ward.

Find more information on Intensive Training (click here).

Online Training Seminars

This six hour seminar is for lawyers and mental health professionals covering topics related to high-conflict and visitation resistance.  The seminar includes a detailed discussion of the range of interventions available to support high-conflict families and best practices for referring families to an intensive program.

Details on the Training Seminar (click here).