Parenting Guidebook

Overcoming the Co-Parenting Trap

Essential Parenting Skills When a Child Resists a Parent

Click here to see the book on Amazon

Click here to see the book on Amazon

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Overcoming the Co-Parenting Trap helps parents understand the reasons why some children resist a parent during divorce—a reality that touches many families.

Combining years of experience in intensive work with families strug- gling with parent-child estrangement, Overcoming Barriers’ first publication offers practical insight on two central questions:

  • Why does a child resist contact with a parent?
  • How can I best support my child to have healthy relationships with both parents?


Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D. – Northern California Mediation Center, author of Surviving the Breakup: How Children and Parents Cope with Divorce says:

Overcoming the Co-Parenting Trap is an important, excellent, and easy to use resource for parents (and professionals) when a child resists contact with mom or dad. Within a family systems framework, “Overcoming…” focuses on developing more effective strategies, skills, and goals for both preferred and resisted parents. Particularly helpful are concrete examples of problematic communications and behaviors followed by alternative suggestions likely to create a more positive effect in improving co-parenting and parent-child relationships disrupted by separation or divorce.

Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. – High Conflict Institute, author of Don’t Alienate the Kids: Raising Resilient Children While Avoiding High-Conflict Divorce says:

This is an informative and compassionate booklet, packed with useful skills for both the resisted parent and the favored parent. What I particularly love about it are all the sample statements that the authors provide for parents to make to each other and the child – especially during challenging moments. A very handy resource for parents experiencing the stress of a resistant child.

Robin M. Deutsch, Ph.D., ABPP – Director, Enter of Excellence for Children, Families and the Law, William James College says:

This book is a must read for parents when a child resists one of them. Overcoming the Co-Parenting Trap uses every day scenarios and suggested responses to help parents help their child. No other book on the market is more to the point or more practical.

Debra K. Carter, Ph.D. – Author of CoParenting After Divorce: A GPS for Healthy Kids says:

A timely and much needed practical guide to address the immensely complex and heartbreaking challenge of co-parenting after divorce when children resist or refuse contact with a parent.  Using real-word examples, this books references the latest research and offers knowledgeable advice from leading experts to help parents and their children break the stalemate of hurt.

Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D., ABPP – Forensic Psychologist, Parenting After Divorce and Director, Forensic Programs, Steve Frankel Group, LLC says:

Overcoming the Co-Parenting Trap is an excellent resource for parents trying to manage the conflicted divorce, especially when a child is resisting contact with one of his/her parents. With concise, direct, and professional guidance, the authors provide helpful skills for dealing with such resistance and moving parents and children forward, rather than keep them mired in the conflicts of the past. If you’re stuck in a very high conflict divorce, with children who are resisting contact with you or the other parent, or you work with families engaged in such conflicts, this book is for you!