Family Intensive

We do not currently have plans for intensives.  We are focusing our organizational resources on

Professional Training, Publications and Camp for 2018.


The Overcoming Barriers Family Intensive (formerly Forging Families’ Futures) is a two-and-a-half day intervention for families where a child is resisting or refusing contact with one parent. All family members, including live-in or significant others, must attend for the entire weekend. The program is held in a hotel or other retreat site. Days run from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. with an overnight component. Meals are shared and evening activities include all family members.

During each day parents and children meet in different combinations. The mornings begin with psycho-educational groups for adults and for children. The afternoons are filled with a variety of different interventions, based on morning work, which may include parent-parent work, parent-child work or family work.


  • Children become more free to feel and show connection with both parents
  • Children see parents working together in a safe way
  • Family members understand the roles that each play
  • Participants learn problem-solving skills to apply to difficult situations

Family Intensive vs. Family Camp

The Family Intensive is essentially a shorter, more concentrated version of the Family Camp. The components are constant with the OCB Approach including psycho-educational work, parent-parent meetings, parent-child meetings and family meetings, recreational activities, shared meals and staff supporting positive connections in the milieu.

The Family Intensive has the benefit of being easier to schedule as there is only one family and fewer staff to schedule, fewer resources to mobilize and no need for an entire retreat center reservation. Clinical staff design the specific interventions around the family’s individual needs.


The Family Intensive is significantly more expensive per family as the cost of space and staff are not shared by multiple families. At this time we do not subsidize tuition for Family Intensives through our fundraising efforts as is the case with the Family Camp.

Family Characteristics to Consider

  • Many families experiencing visitation resistance are referred to this program as an alternative or support to other interventions.
  • Family members should not have a history of verified domestic violence, current active substance abuse or current major diagnosed, untreated mental illness.
  • Families should have adequate professional support available to support the family in carrying out the aftercare.
  • All members of the immediate family will agree or will be ordered to attend camp. This will include both parents and all children between the ages of 9 and 18. Other members of the family may be included, and will be discussed during intake.

How to Apply

Subject to availability, the Family Intensive program is offered in various locations in the United States. The application and intake process is ongoing and dates are set during the later stages of the process.

For more specific information or to apply please email* [email protected]

*Please, in your initial inquiry, do not convey to us any information which you may regard as confidential.  Any information which you may convey to Overcoming Barriers by the internet or by e-mail may not be secure.