Family Camp Intake Process

The following describes the stages of the application and intake process for camp.

The goal of the intake process is to efficiently determine if a family will benefit from the Family Camp program.  Each family’s presentation, circumstances and needs will be different and the intake process is designed to maintain the program’s neutrality, conserve resources (time and money of everyone involved) and create a fair system for selecting families. This innovative and resource intensive program requires that we gather detailed information on each family and so our intake goes into more depth as a family progresses through the stages of intake.

Space at camp is limited and we will process intakes in the order that we receive applications. We will do our best to inform families as to available space and negotiate reasonable timelines to reserve a spot at camp. Most up-to-date information about availability can be found on the updates page.

The intake process will take at least a few weeks from start to finish.  It can take significantly longer depending on the required amount of court involvement.


  1. Parents and family court professionals review all material on the website to inform themselves about camp and the intake process. One or more party decide that the family may be a good match for OCB program, including evaluating likelihood of obtaining court order or other guarantee all family members will participate.
  2. Email [email protected] to request intake materials, an application or with questions.
  3. Complete forms and mail with application fee ($250 non refundable) and any relevant documents to OCB.
  4. Applying parent informs the other parent of the application submission.

Preliminary Intake

  1. OCB intake staff review application and contact applicant to confirm receipt.
  2. OCB waits for five business days to allow the other parent to submit an application (may be shorter if Camp is very soon and time doesn’t allow). We do not require both parents to submit an application but encourage it. The clinical intake process – see below – does include extensive interviews with both parents.  A signed application or agreement to apply will be required from both parents before clinical intake begins.
  3. OCB intake staff give information to parents and professionals on logistics of ensuring commitment to participate from all family members and expectations for aftercare.
  4. If the family is inappropriate for the High-Conflict Divorce Family Camp, OCB will provide referrals to outside programs and/or professionals if possible.
  5. If the family is deemed appropriate, but needs to obtain a court order or get other details in place prior to the clinical intake, OCB staff will discuss an appropriate deadline for completing these tasks while holding a place for the family, after which time the spot may be given to another family.  This timeline will be established at the discretion of OCB staff taking into consideration the particulars of the family and time remaining prior to the program start date.
  6. Once the OCB intake staff has determined that the family meets the requirements for participation and aftercare, the file advances to the next step, i.e., the clinical intake.
  7. If there is no remaining space in the Family Camp, OCB will offer to put the family on the wait list and continue with the intake.  When camp is full OCB will post an update on the website to inform the public.
  8. Family pays fee for clinical intake. ($750 non refundable)

Clinical Intake

  1. Both parents fill out the Clinical Intake Questionnaire (clinical intake can only proceed with both parents participation).
  2. OCB clinical intake staff contact both parents for individual clinical intake interview.
  3. The clinical intake staff provide information about the camp program, answer questions and address parent concerns.
  4. Where appropriate, clinical intake staff will communicate with involved professionals.  This will require a release of information for involved professionals.
  5. OCB clinical intake staff structure goals for aftercare with respect to the family courts and professional support.
  6. Clinical intake staff either:
    1. Offer the family a spot at camp, or
    2. Explain the rational for not accepting the family for camp and follow up with family courts and professionals as necessary.
  7. Family commits to attend camp and pays non-refundable deposit to reserve spot at program.

Camp Intake

  1. OCB program staff contact parents by phone to get a list of special needs (dietary, mobility, etc.) and activity preferences, likes and dislikes.
  2. Program staff confirm travel itineraries for all participating family members.
  3. Program staff arrange transport to and from airport to camp location as needed.
  4. Program staff follow up on any questions or concerns of family members.



  1. OCB clinical staff will provide each co-parent with copy of aftercare documents on last day of program.
  2. OCB clinical staff communicate with professionals according to terms of intake and aftercare plan.
  3. OCB clinical staff communicate with family court professionals and family members as necessary on a case to case basis (paid rate per hour).
  4. It is suggested for most participating families that there be a post camp review hearing to go over and confirm the aftercare plan.