Parent testimonials from our High-Conflict Divorce Family Camp program:

Mary, “West” Parent

“6 years ago I traveled 2,500 miles to see my children whom I had not seen in 2.5 years and we lived in the same city. The skilled staff handled our difficult situation with such expertise and compassion from the camp owners and counselors to the Psychologists with the most difficult job.  The only one like this available at the time, the camp offered a structured model which created the setting for healing.  Although unification did not happen immediately, approximately 6 months after the camp there was the start of a connection.  The best testimonial I can offer is that 6 years later I have a healthy relationship with my children which continues to improve every day.”

Geet, “West” Parent

“An incredible experience with great lifetime memories for children and adults.  Cannot envision any other therapeutic setting that offers such a multidimensional approach to helping all family members to address and assist in “overcoming” the pain and trauma attendant with high-conflict divorce.  A major therapeutic benefit is derived from insightful contact with the other family members.  We all shared common experiences before camp.”

Campers and staff gathered for afternoon circle

Elle Aaye, “East” Parent

“Best medicine for families in crisis.  This camp should be expanded and offered to more families.”

Glen, “West” Parent

“I came to Overcoming Barriers hopeful but skeptical.  I never would have expected so much to happen in four days.  The camp experience opened a whole new possibility for my daughter and for improving my relationship with her.”

Katrina, “East” Parent

“The greatest gift OCB provided was to give myself and my children a safe environment to explore and express our feelings.”

Outkast, “West” Step-Parent

“Wow.  What an amazingly talented and compassionate group of staff members.  Each member of our family felt fully supported by skilled professionals at all times and were able to learn and practice new skills in a safe and supportive environment.  Thank you!!”