Applying to Family Camp

How to Apply to Family Camp:  FINAL 2020 Sample Court Order

July 6 – 12, 2020 in Vermont

Overcoming Barriers invites families to apply for the 2020 Family Camp program. Because a limited number of families will be accepted early application is encouraged. Applications are processed and reviewed in the order they are received.


In order to begin the application process, the family or a professional working with the family should contact Overcoming Barriers.  Please contact us [email protected] or call Carole Blane, Camp Director at 917-407-1166.

The OCB staff will take preliminary information about the family including names, contact information, names of professionals and contact information; as well as immediate reason for applying.

OCB reviews this information to determine if the family will meet the basic requirements for the program.  If OCB concludes the family satisfies the basic requirements for participation in the Family Camp program, the family is invited to proceed to Intake, where in-depth information about the family is gathered.


  • You must have a court order to proceed with intake and for attendance at camp.  A written stipulated agreement signed by both parents and incorporating the components of the Sample Court Order will be accepted. Attached is a FINAL 2020 Sample Court Order  to see the terms and conditions that should be included in the Order or stipulated agreement.
  • Each parent completes an extensive intake questionnaire and participates in the intake process.
  • The family is asked to provide other documents relevant to explaining the history of the family; for example, court orders, custody evaluation reports, reports from parenting coordinator’s or children’s counsel and similar documents will be requested. Please do not send any documents until requested to do so.
  • Each parent is interviewed by OCB. Mental health professionals, attorneys, other family members and other professionals involved with the family may also be interviewed. Information gathered will be reviewed by OCB to determine if the camp program is a good fit for the family.
  • The fee for intake is $1,000 per family and is nonrefundable.  If your family is accepted to camp it is rolled into the total tuition fee. Should your family not be accepted the intake fee will not be returned.  If your family is not accepted we will try to provide you with other resources as an option for your family.
  • If OCB concludes that the family is a good fit for camp, OCB notifies the family of their acceptance to camp and reserves a space for them. At that time a deposit is due to secure the family’s placement.
  • Once the intake process is complete and the family accepted into camp, the family participates in pre-camp interventions.


To assess if a family is a good fit for the OCB Family Camp a wide variety of factors are considered.  Factors such as, but not limited to, the following are examined:

  • Sources of coparenting conflict and parent-child contact problems within the family.
  • Sources of coparenting conflict and parent-child contact problems external to the family that need to be identified as intervention targets.
  • The terms contained in the court order or stipulated agreement to attend Family Camp. A sample court order is available upon request which contains the provisions OCB has determined are critical for the family to have a successful Family Camp intervention.
  • The availability of qualified mental health professionals to implement aftercare recommendations and agreements.
  • The support each of the parent’s counsel provides for the success of the intervention.
  • Children’s ages and developmental level. Children 9-years-of-age and older are suitable for the camp. Families with children younger than age 9 are considered for camp but sometimes deemed a poor fit; however in some cases families may attend camp with their older children while a younger child remains at home.
  • The family’s willingness to participate fully in the OCB Family Camp.

If accepted to camp, OCB Staff requests detailed information about the family’s interests, food preferences, and medical needs. The staff also assists families to organize travel to camp.


  • Tuition for a family of up to four: Five (5) percent of the parents’ combined income from all sources, including but not limited to, taxable, nontaxable, earned, unearned, trust income and consistent and predictable gift income. Total fee for camp shall not exceed $20,000.
  • The judge in the family’s case shall (a) determine the amount of the fee based on those guidelines and (b) shall allocate responsibility for the fee between the parents. The amount of the fee and the allocation between the parents shall be included in the court order or stipulated to by the parents.
  • For any person who will attend camp with the family of four, e.g. a stepparent, a grandparent, a third child, the charge shall be an additional $500.
  • Intake will not commence until there is a court order in place ordering the family to attend Family Camp.
  • Fee for intake is $1,000 nonrefundable. If the family is accepted to attend camp the $1,000 shall be part of the fee for camp.
  • Upon acceptance 1/2 of the remaining fee will be due to hold a spot at camp and as a deposit. The balance due timeline will be determined based on acceptance date.

Families must pay for their own travel expenses. The cost of travel is not included in the camp fees.


Please email us with any questions at [email protected] or call Carole at (917) 407-1166.

Materials can be sent electronically to [email protected], or mailed to:

Overcoming Barriers
c/o Carole Blane
54 Riverside Drive
Suite GRA
New York, NY 10024

When mailing us any materials please send an email letting us know to expect them.


OCB reserves the right to cancel Family Camp within two weeks of the start date of camp.

Signatures that are transmitted by fax, scan or other electronic means, are deemed original signatures.