Overcoming Barriers

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Overcoming the Coparenting Trap: Essential Parenting Skills When a Child Resists a Parent here.
We are hard at work on a book for child(ren) caught in the middle of the conflict of their separating parents.




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Overcoming Barriers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that developed and utilizes the Overcoming Barriers Approach, an alternative to on-going, expensive and frustrating litigation. The Overcoming Barriers Approach is a productive means for families, and the professionals working with them, to address the issues that arise in high-conflct divorces in which a child is resisting or refusing to see a parent.

As Overcoming Barriers has grown from an original program prototype to a national organization working to expand program options for families throughout the US and Canada, we have recognized the critical importance of training professionals to attaining success in addressing our mission and vision.

Overcoming Barriers’ unique trainings and resources for mental health and legal professionals enables there to be better support for families in a wider range of geographic areas and with differing financial means.  We strive to ensure that our strained families have access to well-trained and knowledgeable local family law professionals.

Overcoming Barriers has dedicated the last decade to Rethinking Parent Child Contact problems. We’ve worked to take the “im” out of impossible through our efforts to impact these difficult, challenging and complex family dynamics. We’ve addressed this from a multi-pronged vision of:

    • Professional development, consultation and training
    • Education to advance the field of knowledge
    • Awareness of innovative approaches for these families
    • Effective and accessible family-centered programs

We are committed to finding innovative ways to help families where a child(ren) is resisting or rejecting contact with a parent.

 We are carefully watching and mindfully sensitive to the evolving novel corona virus situation.