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Camp will take place July 9-14, 2018 at Common Ground Center where Overcoming Barriers has been hosting our Family Camp since 2008. The OCB Family Camp is for families where a child(ren) is resisting or refusing contact with a parent in High-Conflict divorce families. The supportive staff, beautiful nature and amazing facilities at Common Ground Center are the ideal environment for families to come together and do the hard work of repairing ruptured relationships and move forwar

Application and Enrollment Process for Camp

In order to enhance the likelihood that Family Camp is a positive experience for all participants, Overcoming Barriers follows a detailed process for obtaining information about possible participants.  There is limited space at camp and the application and intake process is comprehensive and can be time consuming.  Please apply soon to allow time for the Clinical team to understand your family situation.

Applying to Family Camp is a two-phase process:

Phase One:  Application       

  1. A parent, or preferably both parents, submit a Family Camp Application. Request an Application Packet at [email protected].  Overcoming Barriers will review the application to make an initial determination if Family Camp is appropriate for the family. There is a $250.00 nonrefundable fee per family.


  2. OCB reviews applications to determine if the family meets the basic requirements for the program. Basic requirements include:
  • Both parents comply with the requirements of the intake process.
  • Families have appropriate behavioral health services post camp to implement clinical aftercare recommendations.
  • Both parents and each child between 9 and 18-years-old attend camp. Stepparents and other significant parenting figures may be asked to attend camp.
  • Each parent agrees to actively engage in the camp intervention curriculum.

Phase Two:  Intake

3. If Overcoming Barriers concludes the family satisfies the basic requirements for participation in the Family Camp, Overcoming Barriers will invite the family to proceed with the second phase of application and will provide the family and their attorneys with the following:

  • An Intake Questionnaire and (other Intake documents) to be completed
  • A list of the documents that must be provided to Overcoming Barriers including, for example, releases permitting the Overcoming Barriers to communicate with relevant professionals who have worked with the family and individual members of the family and a copy of the most recent custody evaluation.
  • A draft copy of the Family Camp Service Agreement that will be signed by each parent if the family is accepted by Overcoming Barriers for attendance at Camp.
  • Each parent will be provided with a copy of Overcoming Barrier’s book, Overcoming the Parenting Trap: Essential Parenting Skills When a Child Resists a Parent. (If accepted to camp this book will be discussed prior to attendance.  If the family is not accepted it is a valuable resource and reading it will be of benefit to both parents)
  • A Clinical Conflict Check - a list of clinicians involved at camp will be a provided to assure no conflict of interest with the family.
  • An Electronic Provision of Services policy

PLEASE NOTE:  In order to attend Family Camp there must be a filed court order mandating the family’s attendance and describing the parties’ responsibilities with regard to application, attendance and after-care.   Click here for OCB 2018 Sample Court Order  The proposed order provides the requisite provisions that Overcoming Barriers requires as one of the prerequisites for a family to be accepted to attend Family Camp.

4. Upon receipt of the requisite documents described in Step 3, above, the parents will be contacted by Overcoming Barriers for an extensive interview based on the submitted materials. In the course of the Intake process Overcoming Barriers may request additional information be submitted by either parent.  Overcoming Barriers may also speak with professional collaterals who have worked with the parents or family and/or with other persons deemed by Overcoming Barriers to have critical information. There is a nonrefundable $1,750.00 fee per family for the Intake process.

5. Upon completion of the Intake process, Overcoming Barriers will review all information about the family that has been accumulated and will make a decision about whether or not the family will be accepted to attend Family Camp.

6. Near the completion of Intake, Overcoming Barriers will have a conference call with the attorneys for each of the parties. The purpose of the call is to explain to the attorneys what the family can anticipate in the camp experience so that the attorneys can help the parents prepare themselves to make the family’s attendance a useful and meaningful experience.

7. Following notification of acceptance, each parent will be scheduled to have a telephone conversation with Overcoming Barriers to discuss the above mentioned book and to be provided with information about their upcoming camp experience, including information about how to help their child(ren) to prepare for camp.

8. Once a family is accepted:

  • Each of the parents must sign the final version of the Family Camp Service Agreement.
  • Overcoming Barriers’ Program Director will review the Agreement with each parent and will answer any questions the parent may have about the camp process.  
  • The family must pay one half of the $ 19,000.00 fee for Family Camp within seven (7) days of acceptance.
  • The remaining fee payment schedule will be determined by acceptance date but in any case all payments will need to be made one (1) month prior to camp.

9. The family should make necessary plans to travel to and from their respective homes to the camp that is located in Starksboro, Vermont. Note that the parents in each family may be directed by Overcoming Barriers to arrive and to depart Family Camp at different times.

Fee For Services   Pay Here

Fees for Family Camp 2018

All fees are non-refundable. Camper fees do not cover our costs for running camp. OCB subsidizes the cost of Camp through fundraising and relies heavily on volunteer hours to keep costs as low as possible.

  • Non refundable application fee: $250 per family. To be sent in with the application and the application agreement.
  • Non refundable clinical intake fee: $1750 per family. To be paid as allocated per the court.
  • Non refundable deposit: $9,500 due upon acceptance to Camp, allocated as the court has ordered.
  • Non refundable balance of tuition: $9,500 is due by June 8th.
  • Attendance at Camp: $19,000 per family for families of four or less. More than four family members, add $1,000 per extra family member. The total for a family of four will be $21,000 (application + clinical intake + camp fee)
  • OCB clinical follow-up with courts to be paid by hourly rate.
  • Family transportation to and from Vermont is not included.