Family Camp

All Camper and Staff Circle at Family Camp in Vermont

Cancelled due to COVID 19!

Dates are Monday, July 6 to Saturday, July 12 2020 in Vermont

Family camp is a multi-family, multi-day residential program that offers families an opportunity to rebalance the family dynamics that have led to and supported high conflict and disruption in parent-child relationships. It gives families the ability to reconsider the burden of strained parent-child relationship.  It will help both parents see the value of the other in the child’s life and will allow children to become more free to feel and show connection with both parents. With support of an internationally renowned program and staff, and other parents and children confronting similar problems family members participate in traditional camp activities like arts and crafts, enjoying nature, campfires and yoga, and in Adult and Child and Family specialized intervention programs conducted by skilled, experienced and supportive staff.

Family Camp requires participation of all family members, as determined by intake.

What makes Overcoming Barriers’ programs special?

Overcoming Barriers has run its innovative Family Camps annually since 2008, working with families entrenched in conflict who were largely court-ordered to attend. The Overcoming Barriers’ program team continues to refine and adapt the Family Camp program and in 2019 will include modifications based on feedback from campers, its own observations and experience, as well as input from program evaluations conducted over the past five (5) years.

•Divorce is hard on children. Advocating for children’s health and well being is central to our evidence-informed mission of promoting healthy parenting and coparenting for children in high-conflict families. We are committed to the fact that children do better when they have a safe and healthy relationship with both parents.

•Overcoming Barriers’ Family Programs approach parent-child contact problems that are rooted in the complex family relationships adapting to changing circumstances. Overcoming Barriers interventions combine psychoeducation and experiential skill-building activities to develop each family member’s capacity for responding to treacherous challenges of parent-child contact problems.

Since the OCB Family Camp was founded and developed in 2008 by its clinical founders, Peggie Ward, Ph.D,  Robin Deutsch, Ph.D and Matthew Sullivan, Ph.D, OCB has provided a national model for specialized interventions to reintegrate parent-child and coparenting relationships and family relationships disrupted when a child resists or refuses contact with a parent.

What are the Program Philosophy and Goals of Family Camp?

  • Children have healthy relationships with both parents
  • Family members learn improved communication
  • Children interact with both parents in a safe and therapeutic environment
  • Each family member gains understanding of and accepts their role in solving the family problems
  • All family members learn skills to more effectively coparent, negotiate agreements and move forward
  • All family members gain personal and relationship harmony
  • Each family member learns to establish a family culture of mutual respect

What will we work on?

  • Re-booting coparenting communication by learning and practicing new skills
  • Negotiating the Nuts-and-Bolts of coparenting
  • A New Family Narrative
  • De-escalating family conflict in favor of peaceful co existence
  • Specialized parenting skills for each parent for responding to parent-child contact problems
  • Giving the rejected parent and child(ren)the opportunity to spend time together
  • Self care
  • Understanding the characteristics of High Conflict families
  • Learning about the multi-determined nature of parent-child contact problems

•Where will the 2020 Family Camp be held?

Beginning in 2008, Overcoming Barriers partnered with Common Ground Center to run programs in Vermont each summer. With the support of Common Ground Center’s wealth of knowledge about family programs and key staff participation, Overcoming Barriers expanded to California in 2012 and to Arizona and in 2015.