Overcoming Barriers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that developed and utilizes the Overcoming Barriers Approach, an alternative to on-going, expensive and frustrating litigation.  The Overcoming Barriers Approach is a productive means for families, and the professionals working with them, to address the issues that arise in high-conflict divorces in which a child is resisting or refusing to see a parent. Overcoming Barriers’ programs for post- divorce/separation families caught in intractable parental conflict, bring together the entire family in a positive, fun, clinically supported, natural environment, to learn and practice skills as a rebalanced family.


As Overcoming Barriers has grown from an original program prototype to a national organization working to expand  program options for families throughout the US and Canada, we have recognized the critical importance of training professionals to attaining success in addressing our mission and vision.  Overcoming Barriers’ unique training and resources for professionals enable us to maintain the quality and integrity of program delivery and to ensure that our strained families have better access geographically and financially to support, not only from Overcoming Barriers’ direct service programs but from trained and knowledgeable mental health and legal professionals.