Trainings and Seminars

Overcoming Barriers provides educational seminars, and online trainings for clinicians, lawyers and judges to aid them in early identification of the complex and challenging dynamics that present in high conflict families and to provide a conceptual foundation for parent-child contact problems and a variety of methods, skills and techniques for addressing them. Overcoming Barriers’ programs for legal and mental health professionals provide those professionals with up-to-date research in the field as well as strategies and best practices for working with and helping families in which a child is resisting or refusing contact with a parent.

The brilliant minds associated with Overcoming Barriers from its founders to its current Board and Advisory Council (Meet our Team here) are the thought leaders in the field of Resist Refuse Family Dynamics.  OCB, best known for its original signature Family Camp program, has evolved and grown into an educational and training organization, providing resources such as online courses and publications for families, and family law professionals.

More details for current and upcoming live and online Trainings and Seminars are posted in the Latest News section on the front page of the Website.  Also please sign up to receive our e Newsletters for announcements about our work.


  • Seminars for Lawyers and Judges:  The goal of our newest endeavor, Overcoming Barriers Approach On The Go: Enhancing Local Legal, Judicial and Mental Health Resources, is to provide a direct service to local jurisdictions tailored to their identified needs by providing consultation on court practices and procedures as well as education and training on best practices for lawyers and mental health professionals.  In 2019 OCB began developing this curriculum that could be presented in 1; 3 or 6 hours or ideally 2 days and presented it live across the US.  It is entitled What to Do When a Child Resists Contact with a Parent. This course is available for live presentation (or on Zoom as needed due to COVID) at locations around the country. TO FIND MORE INFORMATION AND REGISTER CLICK HERE.

  • Education for Pediatricians:  And for other Professionals who encounter families in crisis:
    OCB has learned that other professionals including pediatricians, family doctors, school nurses and counselors all come into contact with these type of conflicted family situations and may inadvertently get pulled into the conflict.  We are developing educational opportunities for these professionals as well to help them with early identification and best practices. Our pilot presentation was presented to the NJ Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics in the spring of 2022. READ MORE  HERE.
  • Seminar for Mental Health Professionals and Custody Evaluators:  An 8 hour course presented by OCB Board members and Advisory Council members in collaboration with Alliant University entitled, Overcoming Parent-Child Contact Problems, is available online at the Steve Frankel Group via video or mp4 HERE.


  • Currently in development is a parallel online course for Judges and Attorneys to learn to identify and manage Resist Refuse Dynamics. We expect it to be available later this year.


Amy Armstrong, author of Real-Time Parenting and OCB camp clinician speaks about the OCB expert Team:


“I would like to share my deepest appreciation for the opportunity ALL of you provided last week.  As I reflected during the long trek home, what kept returning to my mind were two thoughts: one about the awesome collection of brain power and national leadership present throughout camp, and two about the value of the true immersion experience for learning – both for the clients and the trainees.”  –  2014 Family Camp Summer Trainee

For information on trainings email us at [email protected].