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Tim Salius President’s Award

The Tim Salius President’s Award is presented annually to an AFCC member who has provided exemplary service to the association. In 2015, the award was named in honor of the late Anthony “Tim” Salius, the only two-term president in AFCC history. Under his leadership in the mid-1980s, AFCC expanded to a truly national and ultimately international organization. Mr. Salius served as Director of the Family Division of the Superior Court, Connecticut Judicial Branch, for 36 years during which time Connecticut became a leader in providing court-connected mediation services and in collaborating with the domestic violence advocacy community.

2020 Award Recipients: Barbara Fidler and Nick Bala

Barbara Fidler and Nicholas Bala served as guest editors of Family Court Review for the April 2020 special issue on parent-child contact problems, which features 17 articles on many aspects of the controversial, multifaceted topic.

From AFCC eNEWS July 2020  Chapter News

Jennifer E. Joseph, the new president of AFCC’s Minnesota chapter, is an attorney; however, her practice focuses solely on providing neutral services in family law matters. Ms. Joseph specializes in helping parents resolve custody, parenting, and coparenting disputes through her work as a mediator, parenting coordinator, parenting coach, custody evaluator, and SENE (social early neutral evaluation) provider. Ms. Joseph is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School. In addition to her private ADR practice, she serves as an adjunct professor of family law at Mitchell Hamline School of Law and provides training through the Mediation Center. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Overcoming Barriers, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to rethinking parent-child contact problems.
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