OCB Plans for the Future

Looking Forward to a Productive Year 

 for Overcoming Barriers 

At our recent Board retreat we looked at our accomplishments and discussed what we’d like to do in 2019 and 2020.  Our eloquent and enthusiastic team has lots of ideas and we selected a few to develop and focus on.

Looking forward we plan on:

Training professionals globally which will give families access to support locally and earlier in the conflict. 

  • We plan to develop a second mental health online training in collaboration with William James College. Work has already begun on the content and we expect it to be available by mid 2020.  Stay tuned for updates!
  • Until then, our 28 hour online training entitled
    High Conflict Coparenting: Interventions for Children’s Alignment and Resistance continues to attract clinicians worldwide.  We’ve expanded enrollment and participation. You can still sign up for the January 2019 session which ends in June.   
  • We spent 2018 working on a curriculum for Judges and Lawyers that will parallel that for mental health professionals. In 2019 we plan to offer several webinars online and are working on a collaboration with a law school to develop a multi module online course for 2020.
  • Camp Immersion Training for experienced mental health professionals to learn the OCB psycho-educational and experiential skills building curriculum in a camp setting with the training staff of Amy Armstrong, LISW and Leslie Drozd, Ph.D.

Providing Resources for Families and Professionals 

  • We are authoring a companion book to our coparenting guide entitled,
    Overcoming Malignant Family Conflict: Coparenting Nuts and Bolts, that will provide parents with pragmatic tips about how to work as an effective post divorce family keeping the best interests of the children in mind. 
  • Additionally we received a grant to begin work on a Spanish version of our very popular Overcoming the Coparenting Trap: Essential Parenting Skills When a Child Resists a Parent.

Offering a “new and improved” Family Camp with a sliding scale fee structure.

Applications are open for our 2019 Family Camp. Visit our website at 

www.overcomingbarriers.orgfor more information about our NEW fee structure and What’s New for 2019.  The Board renewed its financial commitment to camp this past year and your support goes a long way to help sustain this important component of our work.

Ensuring independent program evaluation and oversight of our innovative efforts.

Unlike many organizations we subject ourself to independent evaluation of Camp and of our professional training. 
As a nonprofit we have a Board of Directors which oversees the work we do and a program committee that is constantly reviewing and revising Camp procedures and processes as we gain more information/knowledge. In effect, OCB Camp is a result of a group effort.  
This distinguishes OCB from others in that our work is a result of a substantial on-going professional assessment based on cutting edge information.

Continuing to create a superb OCB Board and Advisory Council.

OCB is the only organization working with these families that is a nonprofit.  Most others work not only with just one parent but also are for profit organizations.  Our Board is hands on and committed to this work for the best interests of the children.  Read about our Team here.   

Solidfying our OCB Vision Statement to reflect our focus on education.

Our Vision now reads:
We are a 501 (c) 3 non–profit whose vision is to maintain a sustainable organization which utilizes research-informed approaches to develop and provide:
  • Effective and accessible family-centered programs
  • Professional development and training 
  • Education to advance the field of knowledge
  • Awareness of innovative approaches for these families