OCB at Seattle AFCC Conference

Visit our table at AFCC National Conference in Seattle, WA, June 1 – 4 where members of the Overcoming Barriers Board and Advisory Council will contribute on various presentations. Our organization is honored to be a part of this conference and contribute with our wealth and breadth of knowledge developed working with families in crisis.

Presentations including the OCB Team include:

  • Hon. Marge Slabach (ret.) and Dr. Jack Moran presenting Before Too Much Damage is Done: Early Intervention with Parent-Child Contact Problems; 
  • Dr. Barbara Jo Fidler presenting The Voice of the Child in Parenting Coordination;
  • Dr. Robin Deutsch presents Stepping Up: Our Understanding of Parenting Plan Modifications;
  • Hon. Slabach joining with other Judicial Officers on a forum entitled The Coercive Powers of the Court.
  • Dr. Matt Sullivan, the AFCC Co-Conference Chair presents on Examining Attorney-Expert Relationships
  • Dr. Deutsch offers: Parenting Under Fire: Resilience in Children Growing Up in Military Families.  
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