We welcomed 6 families to our 2016 Vermont Family Camp!

Our 9th Family Camp Program ran in Vermont in mid July with six families from all over the US including two from Northern California, and others from Ohio, Indiana, Washington, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Minnesota and even England.

“It was so valuable to hear similar stories and realize that our struggle is not unique to our family. As a rejected parent living with favored parents (at camp) helped me to expand my perspective.”

“A good place to find balance and truth.” Aligned parent

“I had a challenging time at camp which was a blessing. We had the opportunity to understand and work to resolve our role in the family conflict. We learned a lot while also having fun. Very glad I was given the opportunity to attend.” Rejected parent

The families included 12 kids who were active with soccer, tetherball, tennis, and water games at the pond. Some attended morning yoga each day. Everyone participated in the “Big Show” with hilarity all ’round.

Four trainees from Texas, Colorado and California worked with Dr. Matthew Sullivan. The Clinical Team hailed from New Jersey, Arizona, California, and Ohio. We trained a new Clinical Director. Our Green Shirts (recreational staff) were also drawn from all over the US.

“I found that there is a way, or more accurately, many ways to help people open a window when the room seems closed shut.” – Mary, a trainee

Sunny afternoons and thunderstorms echoed
the family dynamics as parents worked hard.

All of the staff left camp with the expectation that most of the families had a chance at a new start and that repair had occurred in these ruptured family relationships.

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