What Was New to Family Camp 2019


The OCB approach focuses on the family dynamics and working with the family as a whole.  Our approach includes the children and both of their parents and at times, other significant family members who may impact the situation are included as part of the family system as well.

While this has always been our long-standing focus, OCB continues to rethink parent-child contact issues and to reassess our programs.

As a nonprofit we have a Board of Directors which oversees the work we do and a program committee that is constantly reviewing and revising Camp procedures and processes as we gain more information/ knowledge. Camp is a result of a substantial on-going professional group assessment based on cutting edge information.
Based on our research that includes feedback from camp participants over the past ten years as well as our observations of families at camp, we are happy to announce that we have made a number of refinements to our 2019 camp program:
  • In order to reduce barriers to participation the OCB Board has created a generous sliding scale fee structure to make camp accessible financially to more families.  
  • There will be a pre-camp intervention component so that work begins for the coparents before camp as well as a call with the attorneys to develop realistic expectations about what to expect at camp and support for their client’s participation. 
  • We have added an extra night and day providing families more time to reconnect, work toward better communication and a reduction in conflict.
  • We have built skills training into our camp curriculum for both the children and the adults as we have also found from our experience, that most family members involved in a high-conflict coparenting situation are inneed of assistance in learning the skills necessary to manage conflict as well as their emotions.
  • Also in 2019, although not a requirement for attendance at camp, we strongly suggest that children spend a minimum of one week with the resisted parent directly from camp in order to help solidify gains made at camp, and build new memories through positive experiences together.
  • Understanding the importance of after-care services for the family post-camp, we have always strongly urged families to have a neutral after-care professional in place prior to the start of camp. In 2019 we will require that person to be named in the court order with a follow up appointment scheduled with them shortly after camp. In this way, the family will be able to continue progress made at camp when they return home.
  • On a temporary basis, we will be assigning a staff member (camp liaison) as a point person for each family to ease their transition from camp to home and aftercare.

For more information about camp, fees and for a Sample Court Order visit:

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The OCB Approach

Family Camp 

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Camp Information for Involved Professionals

We are looking forward to a camp experience for the families that is both rewarding and enriching, through a combination of group and family therapy, psychoeducation, and experiential opportunities within the camp milieu. Our goal (See Goals for Families here) is to provide the children in these families characterized by high-conflict coparenting the chance to work toward having a healthy and loving relationship with both of their parents, and the adults the opportunity to coparent their children.

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